Managing Retirement Wealth

by Julie Jason 

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Foreword by Jonathan Dahl

In the world of personal finance, these are surely historic times of unprecedented change. A generation of Americans could once count on enjoying an easy retirement, thanks to the generosity of their employers and a combination of the robust housing and stock markets.  That has all changed, of course: only a third of mid- and large-size American firms offer pensions these days, and the country's real estate bust has wiped out $3.3 trillion in market value in homes in five years.


Throw in the stock market crash of 2008, which battered people's 401(k) plans and sent many investors' carefully built portfolios essentially back to square one, and you have yourself a perfect storm of developments in personal finance.


But there is good news: help is on the way.


Investors today have more places to turn to for advice, including a growing number of books that deal with personal finance in a smarter way than before. The idea that a bookstore could fill a shelf with successful personal finance books would have been unthinkable a decade ago. Now, as Americans try to make sense of their future, these sorts of titles are coming out in great numbers, with advice and insights for all levels of investor.


In your hands is one such publication: Julie Jason's Managing Retirement Wealth.


It is a great way for anyone trying to pick up the basics-- or go beyond them-- as they build a strategy for a new economic climate. And in an age with so many economic uncertainties, Julie's book is as good a place as any to bone up on the bewildering but rewarding task of putting our futures in order.


-Jonathan Dahl, editor in chief SmartMoney, the personal finance magazine from The Wall Street Journal