Managing Retirement Wealth

by Julie Jason 

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Foreword by Gregg Brewer

Julie Jason's personal portfolio management process starts from the right place -- each person is unique.  From this foundation she builds a process for organizing your investing, and, perhaps more importantly, matching your needs with your portfolio.  This is no small task, but Julie helps walk you through the process she has created through her hands on work in the finance industry.


If you are nearing or just entering retirement, Julie's book, Managing Retirement Wealth, can help you prepare for the financial challenges that lie ahead by focusing you on the issues that she has seen in her work with others.


At Value line we believe in independent and objective analysis.  In Managing Retirement Wealth Julie shares how she uses Value Line's research, and that of others, to organize and manage retirement portfolios. She can help you empower yourself by teaching you hwo to use tools such as The Value Line Investment Survey to take your investing to the next level.


-Gregg Brewer, Executive Director of Research, Value Line Publishing LLC