Managing Retirement Wealth

by Julie Jason 

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Foreword by Charles Rotblut

Your net worth is highly dependent on how well you manage your portfolio. Your ability to make the right decisions and follow the correct strategies will determine whether you have enough money to retire and enough to last you throughout your lifetime.


Yet, as important as this concept is, most people tend to be reactive, instead of proactive, with their investing. Decisions are often made based on what the market is doing rather than with the long-term goals in mind. If this describes you, do not feel bad.


Most people have not been given a comprehensive guide on how to effectively manage their portfolios. Rather, investing is commonly thought about in terms of what stock, bond, mutual fund, or ETF should be bought. Significantly less attention is given to what mix of securities and funds should be held in one's portfolio As result, many investors find that their knowledge of how to manage a portfolio is acquired through trial and error.


Complicating matters is the volatility of the stock market. Two bear markets occurred over the past ten years, causing havoc with most investors' portfolios. the result was a lost decade with many people still not recouping the wealth they lost.


Yet, some investors weathered the storm and actually increased their net worth. What was their secret to success? These successful investors effectively managed their portfolios using the time-tested rules that Julie Jason explain in this book.


They stayed focused on their long-term goals and kept their investment risk at levels they were comfortable with. This gave them the luxury of not having to be reactive to the market's volatility, while ensuring they have enough wealth to last them a lifetime.


If you have not placed an emphasis on how you manage your portfolio, now is the time to do it. Julie will show you how.


-Charles Rotblut, CFA, vice president, American Association of Individual Investors and author of Better Good than Lucky