Managing Retirement Wealth

by Julie Jason 

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Thank you for your interest in Managing Retirement Wealth


Your retirement wealth, no matter how large or small, is your treasure and it needs to be put to work to help provide retirement security for a lifetime. 


I wrote Managing Retirement Wealth to share some insights, resources, and data, so that you can take a big-picture portfolio approach to your investing -- as Harry Markowitz said, "a good portfolio is more than a list of good stocks and bonds."        


It is not a book about how to pick stocks or hit home runs.   Rather, it is a book that lays out the process of sound decision making while recognizing and managing risk.


Because you will encounter bad market periods, you'll want to study the stock market research I provide in Chapters 3 and 4, showing good and bad market periods. Historical perspective gives you a foundation upon which to build good decisions.      



The difference between buying a few stocks and bonds and managing a portfolio is the difference between throwing up a tent on a campground and building a house for your family.  Both provide shelter.  One satisfies a temporary need; the other offers a structure that your family can call "home" for many years to come.


My best wishes to you in your pursuit of retirement security.   


Julie Jason