Managing Retirement Wealth

by Julie Jason 

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In Managing Retirement Wealth, award-winning author, columnist, and seasoned personal portfolio manager Julie Jason will help you:

      • Understand how to deal with the uncertainty of the markets so that you can anticipate, not react to market-moving events.

      • Graduate from hit-or-miss buying and selling to a big-picture portfolio approach to managing your assets

      • Construct a goal-directed personal portfolio customized toserve you and your family for a lifetime

      • Establish a workable oversight system to enable you to correct missteps so that you get back on course ton meeting your goals

      • Develop a sense of healthy skepticism to help you evaluate investment opportunities and advice

Whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, you'll find resources, insights, and strategies here to make effective decisions upon which a sound financial future can be based in good markets and bad.